Brut Metodo Classico "Col dei Ronchi Rosè"

The “Col dei Ronchi Rosè” is produced exclusively with pinot noir grapes. Fermentation follows a very brief maceration of just 12 hours, which gives the wine its inviting salmon color, and is followed by fermentation without skin contact. During the following spring, the wine is bottled to produce its effervescence, and undergoes a slow fermentation in the bottle followed by at least 36 months of aging in racks.

100% pinot noir

Yield per hectare:
90 q.

6 months in stainless steel and 36 months in the bottle

brilliant rose, with a consistent effervescence and fine, continuous pérlage

ample and elegant, with notes of red fruit, bread crusts, and nuts

pleasant and complex, with a long, creamy finish

aperitif, crustaceans, and fish, but pairs well with all courses

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