Brachetto d'Acqui DOCG Spumante

Brachetto is an aromatic black grape that is native to southern Piedmont. The wine, already highly appreciated in the past, is experiencing renewed popularity today for its freshness and wonderful aroma. Malgrà uses brachetto grapes from its vineyard properties in the townships of Mombaruzzo and Nizza Monferrato. The secondary fermentation in autoclaves at a controlled temperature gives an almost creamy sparkling wine, sweet and with a low percentage of alcohol (6.5%), with great freshness and aromas, particularly of rose.


Yield per hectare:
80 q.

3 months in autoclaves and 3 months in stainless steel tanks

soft ruby red, with excellent effervescence and a fine, persistent pérlage

floral, with fresh notes of musk and rose

sweet, fresh, delicate, elegant, with an excellent equilibrium between sugars and acidity

good with appetizers, fruity desserts, and pastries

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