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The estate-owned vineyard properties of Malgrà Winery extend to 34 hectares. Almost all of them are spread throughout the townships of Nizza Monferrato and Mombaruzzo (AT), areas known for their production of Nizza DOCG. Among the most significant vineyards, we have: Mora di Sassi, Vigna Molina, Vigna del Laghetto, Gaiana, and Fornace di Cerreto.

Mora di Sassi

Mora di Sassi is a vineyard situated in Nizza Monferrato. Its name comes from an ancient containment stone wall built at the summit of the hill, which forms an important part of Bricco Malgrà. It sits at 250 meters of altitude with an exposition to the south/southeast. Here, only barbera is cultivated, its vines trained in the traditional Guyot manner. The slope benefits from particular climatic conditions, thus guaranteeing a complex and structured wine that is elegant and harmonic at the same time, in which its diverse characteristics are balanced within the wine to give it great character.

The Molina and Laghetto vineyards

The Molina and Laghetto vineyards have important viticulture traditions behind them. Molina sits at 220 meters of altitude with a south/southeast exposition, and its soils are composed of clay with a prevalence of limestone.

“Laghetto” means “small lake,” and this vineyard takes its name from just such a feature located in the valley in front of it. Situated at 230 meters of altitude, it has a south/southwest exposition and soils rich in limestone. Laghetto is cultivated with dolcetto and barbera.

The Molina vineyard is cultivated with barbera at its summit, and with moscato and brachetto in the central and lower sections. The grapes grown here gives wines with good body, complex aromatic structure, pleasant acidity, and excellent drinkability.


The barbera vineyards of Gaiana are located in Mombaruzzo, and is named after an ancient Roman settlement that was once here. Completely cultivated with barbera, the vineyard sits at 190 meters of altitude and trained with the traditional Guyot system. This area’s climate lets the grapes obtain a particular savoriness, an intense fruitiness, a pleasing acidity, and a natural proclivity for late harvest. Within the Gaiana vineyard is another, smaller vineyard called Cugnexio, cultivated with white moscato grapes.

Fornace di Cerreto

Finally, there is the Fornace di Cerreto vineyard, whose name comes from the ancient brick furnace once constructed on the Cerreto land, situated at the entry point to Nizza Monferrato. It sits at 160 meters of altitude and its soil is composed of limestone and clay. The vineyard, trained according to the traditional Guyot system, is completely cultivated with barbera. Wine made from this vineyard has a naturally strong character and is rich in minerals and complex notes of spice.

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