Piedmont and

Malgrà is a winery that truly represents its territory. It is located in the vineyard landscape of the Langhe-Roero and Monferrato, a place of extraordinary beauty that was recognized as a World Heritage in 2014 by UNESCO.

The Monferrato is a geographic area in southeast Piedmont. It includes the entire province of Asti and part of that of Alessandria. It is a hilly territory: basso, or “low” Monferrato is characterized by gentle dips and rises, whereas alto, or “high” Monferrato is rich in steep slopes and forests. Numerous castles, towers, and fortifications can be found throughout the area, attesting to the indomitable nature of the Monferrato people. Historically, the Monferrato represented an area of transit between the sea and the Padana plains, and, since ancient Roman times, it was considered a contested land, overall by merchants. This led to the rich cultural and architectural heritage it has today.

Vineyards map - Production area

The culture of vine-growing is deeply rooted in the Monferrato, especially in the areas that are well-suited for producing high quality grapes, mainly due to diverse microclimates and a variety of perfect soils for cultivating vineyards.

These factors helped to select a series of prized native grape varieties over the centuries. Today, they make wines with strong territorial ties and an overall unique identity. And this is reinforced by a strict production protocols and management of the vineyards, lending professionalism and credibility to the sector.

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